Analysis/Confidence of Albanians in the economy grows

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Last year marked a pessimistic start for many Albanians. They were skeptic on the economic situation in the country. Businesses also had negative expectations.

But the second quarter of 2016 changed things. Economic growth was evident and consumption saw an increase.

Based on these facts, consumer and business confidence on the economy of the country grew.

These are the results of the regular observations that the Bank of Albania makes each quarter.

In the recent hours, the data for the third quarter of the year that ended have come out.

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Vucic prevented an armed conflict, Russian official says

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Thanks to the non-belligerence and strong nerves demonstrated by Serbian leadership and prime minister Aleksandar Vucic personally, an outbreak of a new armed conflict in the heart of Europe has been avoided, Sergey Zeleznyak, United Russia’s high official and deputy president of the Russian State Duma has said.

Zeleznyak alluded to the incident with the serbian train which was supposed to travel from Belgrade to Kosovska Mitrovica on Saturday 14 January, but was prevented from reaching its final destination over tensions between Serbian and Kosovo leaders.

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Rama is expecting a deeper victory than 2013. With or without SMI?

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The socialist leader, Edi Rama says that the victory in the June elections this year will be much deeper than in 2013.

The PM says that the SP “is today not only bigger in terms of numbers, but also the party in which Albanians believe the most”.

Rama made these declarations in the 25th anniversary of FRESSH (Eurosocialist Forum), which is the SP’s youth organization.

The joint chairman of the left wing coalition and former chairman of FRESSH, Ilir Meta was not present in this meeting.

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Parts of United States are heating faster than globe as a whole | John Abraham

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A new study shows the Northeast USA will reach the dangerous 2°C warming threshold faster than most of the rest of the planet

Global warming obviously refers to temperature increases across the entire globe. We know the Earth is warming, we know it is human-caused, we have a pretty good idea about how much the warming will be in the future and what some of the consequences are. In fact, when it comes to the Earth’s average climate, scientists have a pretty good understanding.

On the other hand, no one lives in the average climate. We live spread out north, west, east, and south. On islands, large continents, inland or in coastal regions. Many of us want to know what’s going to happen to the climate where we live. How will my life be affected in the future?

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FYROM beaten by Slovenian national handball team

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FYROM’s national handball team has conceded its first defeat in the World Cup taking place in France, after losing to Slovenia last night 29:22 in a match played in Metz. After two victories, this is the first defeat for FYROM.

The best goal scorers for FYROM were Cyril Lazarov, Stojanco Stoilov and Stefan Drogriski.

Meanwhile, the best man of the match was the Slovenian goalkeeper, Matez Skok, who stopped 14 shots made by the Macedonian national side.

Decisive for FYROM will be the matches that will be played this evening and tomorrow evening against Spain and Iceland. Meanwhile, Slovenia ranks first in the group with 6 points, Spain ranks second with four points, FYROM ranks third with four points, Iceland has one point, Tunisia has one point and Angola ranks last with 0 points. /

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Kosovo is awaiting the new thermal power plant

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power plant

The postponement of the construction of the new thermal power plant “New Kosovo”, a project which has started over a decade ago, continues to keep “Kosovo A” thermal power plant in use, although this plant has been considered as the biggest environment polluter.

Due to its age and inability to reduce pollution levels, the thermal power plant was scheduled to be shut down at the end of this year.

This was the pledge of the government of Kosovo in the Secretariat of the Energy Community in Vienna in the framework of the implementation of EU standards in gas emission.

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Launch of Tesco’s frozen avocados could help reduce Britain’s food waste

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Tesco’s ‘fast-frozen’ de-stoned and peeled avocado packs could help to cut down on the 54,000 tonnes of stone fruit wasted in Britain each year, say experts

Too slow to ripen or too squidgy and brown inside, avocados often end up contributing to the UK’s food waste mountain. But Tesco believes it has the answer to our avocado woes: frozen ones, de-stoned, peeled and ripe when they thaw out.

On sale from this weekend, in what is believed to be a first for a UK supermarket, the frozen avocados will also be cheaper than the fresh fruit at £2.50 for nine halves.

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Ahmeti: We will not give up on our request to make Albanian an official language

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ali ahmeti

The leader of BDI, Ali Ahmeti has reiterated the stance of his party that it will not give up on the request to make Albanian an official language in the entire territory of the country. Ahmeti said this during the meeting that he held in Skopje with the German ambassador, Christine Althauser.

Ahmeti said that BDI is not interested in entering a government at all costs and he has not ruled out the possibility of remaining in opposition if the demands of this party are not met.

“An open and constructive debate is taking place within BDI in order to enter a coalition with VMRO-DPMNE, LSDSM, to enter a wide coalition, to remain in opposition or to repeat the elections”, leader of BDI, Ali Ahmeti said.

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Get ready for virtual power plants

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Amid the cacophony of gadget-related technology news that heralds every New Year in the form of the annual CES exhibition, you might have missed the relatively quiet proclamation in early January that smart grid tech pioneer Viridity Energy is being acquired for $35 million by renewable energy developer Ormat Technologies.

That may seem a low valuation considering the $40 million in venture funding raised by the software company during its independent existence, although the price tag does include “additional contingent consideration” based on Viridity’s ability to reach certain performance milestones as part of Ormat in 2017 and 2020.

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