UAE consumers use up to 323% more water than global average

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UAE consumers use up to 323% more water than global average

Leading global manufacturer of premium home and professional appliances Miele, has been highlighting its innovation and sustainability credentials during the holy month of Ramadan, as consumers across the region take time to reflect on their lifestyle and evaluate their impact on the environment and the natural resources we all take for granted.

“Ramadan is a time for reflection and renewal and this not only covers spiritual wellbeing but also extends into all aspects of daily life, personal wellbeing and the impact and consequences of our actions,” said Rehana Sharma, Marketing Director, Miele.

Among its high profile product categories are state-of-the-art dishwashers that achieve outstanding cleaning results using just 6.5 litres of water compared to the average 13 litres.

“According to the Federal Water and Electricity Authority, UAE consumers use 550 litres of water per day, which is up to 323% more than the average global consumption of just 170-300 litres per day. The low water consumption of our dishwashers is playing a small, but vital role in reducing the strain on the region’s water supplies,” said Sharma.

Miele’s top grade A+++ rated washing machines include 26 special-purpose wash programmes and EcoFeedback consumption indicators for electricity and water, a feature that Sharma reports is increasingly popular with consumers across the region who are interested in reducing their annual domestic energy consumption.

In addition, they incorporate revolutionary and unique features to facilitate improved functionality including TwinDos – the world’s only integrated automatic detergent and stain remover dispensing system, which can save users up to 30% on detergent per annum thanks to its unique low detergent detector.

“As well as helping our customers get the most out of their Miele appliances, we also like to raise awareness about maximising the efficiency of their machines and helping to lower the environmental impact at the same time.

“In line with DEWA, we advise our customers to take some simple steps to reduce their environmental impact, which include only running the dishwasher when full; avoiding half-full programs and opting for the eco program in both dishwashers and washing machines, which results in the largest amount of combined energy and water savings,” said Sharma.

Personal health and wellbeing is always front of mind during the holy month and Miele refrigerators offer a range of functions that ensure fresh, tasty and healthy food. Especially relevant during Ramadan, its MasterFresh function ensures perfect storage conditions for fresh produce to retain vitamins, nutrients and flavours, with the DynaCool and Active AirClean charcoal and chitosan filters guaranteeing effective odour prevention.

“The daylight period of fasting can make it difficult for families to follow their usual healthy eating patterns and our steam ovens are ideal when it comes to quick and easy preparation of fresh food that retains essential nutrients and vitamins,” said Sharma.

For the best tasting results, all Miele steam ovens feature a choice of automatic and user programmes where the device is able to calculate the optimum cooking times and temperatures for any number of pre-programmed foods and favourite recipes. 

The Miele signature MultiSteam feature injects steam into the oven via eight separate steam inlets, ensuring uniform steam and temperature distribution for even cooking. It is also perfect for preparing light meals or baby foods and it can sterilise baby bottles in just 15 minutes.

“Miele’s 116 year long and distinguished history of innovation and quality has always been underpinned by a corporate commitment to the environment. We believe that Ramadan is an opportunity to remind ourselves, our team, our customers and the wider community, that we can all contribute something towards ensuring a sustainable future for our children,” she added.