The 7th Nicosia Environmental and Recycling Festival takes place on Saturday

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The 7th Nicosia Environmental and Recycling Festival takes place on Saturday
Green Dot Cyprus is organizing for the seventh consecutive year the all-day “Nicosia Environment and Recycling Festival” in an effort to raise awareness over the contribution of recycling to improving quality of life.
The festival will take place on Saturday, the 20th of May, at the Acropolis Park in Nicosia, from 10:00 am until midnight.
At the Festival the public will have the opportunity to be informed on a variety of environmental and recycling issues, the organisers said during a press conference on Thursday. There will be many educational games, music and dancing events and children`s performances.
This year`s festival aims to highlight how recycling contributes positively to protecting the environment and improving quality of life and health. For this reason, the festival will include a special session with activities related to healthy eating and sport.
“Creating and shaping environmentally-friendly behaviors leads to a better life, a well-being, as defined in our time. Well-being does not have a property title. It is a way of thinking, a way of life to improve the life of a person and those around it in all areas. Physical, mental and spiritual health is a necessary ingredient. Translated into our everyday life, it is the cultivation of the spirit, proper nutrition, physical exercise, entertainment, respect for the environment and those around us, respect for the younger generations”, Michalis Spanos, President of Green Dot told the conference.
“The Municipality of Strovolos, recognizing that recycling should not be an ephemeral trend of the era but an obligation of any civilized society, is the first Municipality in Cyprus that in 2007, in cooperation with Green Dot`s Collective Waste Management System, implemented recycling programs” said Giorgos Tsiakkas, from the Municipality of Strovolos. He also referred to the municipality`s multiple actions on the environment.
Georgia Lefkariti-Ioannou from Petrolina Holdings, a sponsor of the Festival since 2011, said that it is one of the island`s most successful environmental festivals and has established itself as a valuable environmental institution among the environmental actions of Cyprus, but also in the consciousness of the citizens.


** The interview is in the context of the project Rethink: Reduce- Reuse – Recycle which is funded by the EU programme LIFE+ (project code: LIFE13 INF/CY/000910) of the EU. Coordinating Beneficiary: CyBC. Partners: Green Dot Cyprus, Department of Environment, Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, CNA, Fost Plus Belgium **

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