Kosovo is aiming to decriminalize its political class

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The heads of states in Kosovo continue their efforts for the decriminalization of the political class in the country.

President of the country, Hashim Thaci says that political parties must be transparent.

“People who have been placed under investigation must not be given public posts and they must not be allowed to be included in electoral lists”, declared the president in the conference “The launch of the West Minister for Democracy in Kosovo Fund”.

His incentive for the approval of a code for the decriminalization of the political class has also been supported by the British ambassador to Pristina, Ruari O’Connell.

He said that opinion polls show that political parties enjoy the least credibility among people.

“This is a cause for concern for Great Britain. Therefore, we have offered our experience in order for political parties to become responsible and transparent”, O’Connell said. /balkaneu.com/