Engie Restructuring Closes UK Office

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French energy giant Engie is closing its UK office and shedding staff elsewhere too, as it continues to streamline its operations in a low-price environment.

In January 2016 it began the process by setting up geographical business units in order to become “more agile and closer to its customers. The missions and location of the group’s headquarters would be streamlined,” it said April 19.

The headquarters, which are today split between Paris, Brussels and London will now only be found in the first two cities, and the project “could lead to the net job cut of 504 filled positions, including 312 in France, 116 in Belgium and 76 in the UK.”

Engie presented this plan to unions April 19 and the plan is to implement it by 2019. “It will result in no layoffs; job adjustments will be solely voluntary,” it said, adding that everyone was being consulted. Methods include early retirement and relocation to other positions.


William Powell