Albanian president against the minister of Interior proposed by the Prime Minister

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In Albania, the President of the Republic declared on Sunday evening that he was against the appointment of Fatmir Xhafa for the post of the minister of Interior, adding that the Constitution forces him to decree this minister.

“There have been concerning public accusations against the candidate for the post of Interior minister. He is accused of using violence and torture while investigating during the communist regime. Under these circumstances, the nomination of the minister of Interior is unsuitable, but the Constitution doesn’t entitle the President of the Republic to turn down a nomination, because the only criteria that the Constitution requires for someone to become a minister relate to the criteria of becoming an MP”, Mr. Nishani said.

He said that “if the Constitution of the country entitled the President of the Republic to refuse the Prime Minister’s proposals, based on my arguments, I would refuse the nomination of the Minister of Interior”.

Based on this, Nishani has publicly demanded parliament to overthrow Xhafa’s candidacy for the post of the minister of Interior.

So far, Fatmir Xhafaj has not reacted on the numerous accusations launched by the media, opposition and Albanian citizens in the country, according to which, he has tortured people when he used to work as an investigator during the communist regime.

IBNA demanded a statement from Mr. Xhafa, but he said that he was not ready to talk to the media, although he had received many requests. Mr. Xhafa also promised that he would do this at another time. /